Dog Photography in Swindon

Showcasing your pet’s unique character & special smile

If you love your pet as much as I love mine then you want every single moment with them captured on camera.

Whether you’ve got dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, snakes or anything in between, I’ll showcase your pet’s unique characteristics and nature in photographs that you’ll treasure forever.

My preferred location for dog photography is a secure field out on outskirts of Cricklade. It’s a fully enclosed field where you can let your dog off the lead, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be the only people and pets present. Allowing your dog to run around and play lets me get naturalistic shots of them at their happiest.

If your dog isn’t a fan of the outdoors, I can come to your home and photograph them in the comfort of their favourite blanket and toys.

My pet photography package includes a 20-minute session with  you on location or at your home. This is more than enough time to get a range of gorgeous photos of your dog, whilst being short enough that they don’t get bored or too tired from all the running about and posing for the camera!

Unlike some other photographers, I don’t offer you a low-price shoot and then make you pay through-the-roof for the photographs. I don’t think that’s fair on you!

As part of my pet photography service you get the full range of edited photographs from the day at no extra cost – it’s all included in the package price.

You’ll get a 5x7inch printed version of each photo AND a digital version that you can use for sharing on social media. Because… honestly, who doesn’t want to show off their lovely dog on social media? 😉

Pet photography price: £100

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